British Chocolate Bars

Savour the tastes of Blighty. Whether you crave that Friday feeling of a Crunchie, sensation of a Wispa, or the creaminess of a Milky way, we have it for you.

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Here at the British Chocolate Bar Company we offer British chocolate lovers like you the chance to savour the tastes of Blighty. Whether you crave the creamy delights of Cadbury Dairy Milk, Double Decker, or a good old British Mars bar, we have it for you. You select the option, tell us where to deliver, and we do the rest.

Chocolate box options range from Cadbury Favourites, which includes Cadbury Dairy Milk, Flake and Wispa, to Big Bites featuring large, chunky, chocolate bars of delight such as Lion bar, Mars bar and Kit Kat Chunky, through to Little Treats showcasing the best bite size chocolate bars for that quick chocolate fix.

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